Monday, June 19, 2006

Conspiracy of Shadows (Season Two, Season Midpoint)

Note that this post contains notes about what the group did while staying at Tor. This marks the mid-point of the season and the post may be updated and edited as it is not strictly a session report.

The group have travelled far from Jenkaz through Brekaw to Oldaska, then along the Vorain Sea coast to the Holy Union of Voria and finally up the river Tor to the holy capital of Tor itself. Upon arrival Sedziwoj and his loyal entourage take rooms in a local inn where the noble gentlemen succumbs once again to fugue and fever which the local gossips attribute to his exertions with the squalid women who seemed to so amply occupy the boat on which his party journeyed upriver.

The two Alexanders meanwhile make efforts to contact the Order of the Closed Book and are shocked to find many changes within their formerly dusty, small and secretive society. The Order is substantially grown and has many new members and new premises. The two are ushered in as conquering heroes.

It seems the Order has been energised by the news from the White Hills Barony and has been studying a letter from the Cell that was sent on their way to Jenkaz. Witchmarks were discovered in the basements of the castle and the Order has been studying them and the history of the castle. It appears that the castle was one of five that were constructed during the period of the Vorian Empire all by the same architect. The Order suspects that the castles form some kind of ward or mystic symbol across the land. They have managed to locate only one other of the five (and they agree on the general location of only one further, which they feel must be Bravich).

With their studies revealing little additional information the Order are eager for the cell to travel to Oldaska and uncover more about the one location they are certain of. The cell agree to do this as soon as they can while giving out the idea that they will shortly be departing west to try and be part of the proposed crusade against the Solderins.

The group also discover their legal status. Sedziwoj's outlawery seems to extend only to where the King of Jenka can enforce his will and the two Alexanders while the subject of church law investigations, they can likely wait more than a year before any matters come to a point. It seems that while some disapprove of their actions they are still thought of favourably from their Kulzulgrod adventures.