Monday, January 02, 2006

Vinegar's Log (Castles and Crusades Session Two)

The stupid halfling managed to not just attract the attention of one of the passing minotaur lords but excelled himself excessively by apparantly giving him his entire share of the loot from our previous excursion. I say apparantly as as soon as it became apparant that the little loser was taking an interest in the Lord Cattle I decide to scarper out the back of the inn with the two new recruits. I have been unable to remember their names as yet (perhaps I could have them paint it on their armour back plates?) but they seem able and easy to blind with the gold made from our encounter with the giant frog.

Anyway with my diminuitive "companion" so rapidly halving our prospects there was no choice but return to ruined castle on the hill, this time in the company of my new mule, ready to loot anything that might raise coinage in the poxy settlement that passes for a village here.

This expedition was much more successful than previously and we managed to butcher the band of annoying goblins that had eaten our previous friends (the dwarf and the other one). Just rewards for such filthy and whiny things.

Even better their chief was found in possession of a plan of attack on the general environment. I have dispossessed him of it fatally but intend to make good its content. Instead of taking the loot to the village why not loot the village and take the resulting lucre to the dungeon?

There were also some chained prisoners that the goblins were in possession of, including an elf. I have high hopes of a reward in returning these two fortunate survivors to civilisation.

The worst aspect of this particular jaunt into the cold and dark was that the goblin's were under the thumb of some sordid, unpleasant and (worst of all) hostile priest of some god or another. He filled the room is unpenetrable darkness and in the confusion made a rapid escape calling for aid as he did so. He was wearing armour that would surely be worth 30 pieces of gold if not more and it's loss still stings me now.

Gloomier still it seems this fellow was seeking aid further into the ruins of the fort and that implies that there will have to be yet more effort expended to extract the next profit from the place.

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