Sunday, June 09, 2013

Vast and Starlit: Eve: Setup

The Crew


An asteroid sized battle droid
  • Cannot kill
  • Feeds on human flesh
  • If the crew don't listen to him then the lose the chance to be victorious over their foes

Vas trelelck

The original.
  • Famous for his actions at the battle of Mondicor 4
  • Genetically engineered to be superior, particularly compared to the rest of the crew
  • Born in the slums of earth
  • Wants to get revenge
  • Seeks to retire as a farmer

Evangio Var Stock

  • Is prepared to do anything to be captain
  • His sensual touch opened the ship to the crew
  • Takes pride in his crimes
  • Is in love with Vas trelelck 3
  • Wakes up each morning screaming as part of his rigorous regime of primal scream therapy


An alien in human form
  • Pursued by the spirits of the dead
  • If the crew don't listen to him they will lose a chance of redemption
  • The most dangerous creature it has killed is a star worm
  • In its true form people see the worst of themselves reflected in it


The alien inside Gemma causes a massive reaction in her body causing her to look on the verge of death.
  • Escaped prison by having her powerful friends bribe the guards
  • A tiny alien is bound to her heart and controls her actions
  • An extensive network of contacts in many starport worlds make her the best choice to be captain
  • Can see the private thoughts of others

The Rogue Vessel

Eve is a giant living spaceship or perhaps just a native lifeform of the void.


Targzton 3

Based on the grey fog of the English Channel coast
  • A planet shrouded in fog
  • All the buildings and towns are ruined
  • Hot, humid, tropical in climate
  • Huge whales travel the sea
  • Regular rainstorms lash the surface
  • The fog contains poisonous micro-organisms
  • A black poisonous fungus grows on the planet
  • The land is littered with silty, huge rockpools

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