Sunday, July 23, 2006

Conspiracy of Shadows (Season Two, Stay at Drethka)

The two separate groups were reunited at Drethka and despite frustration by the Alexanders at Sedziwoj's showy public lifestyle and Sedziwoj's annoyance at the Alexander's abducting "his" men the two sides were reconciled.

The Alexander's stayed at a sympathetic monastery and sent letters on to Tor regarding their approach and arrival. Sedziwoj meanwhile had Anatoli sell the coins that had been found at the barrow to a Torian collector of antiquities for a high price. This event sparked a most remarkable reconcilation between the two men where some suitable flattery and grovelling by Anatoli ended up in him being appointed Sedziwoj's senschal and being able to hire a travelling retinue.

Both Sedziwoj and Anatoli traded horses and bought a number of hunting hounds (rather like Irish Greyhounds) here and a number of local people were taken on to serve as grooms, valets, general servants, washerwomen and other tasks. In addition to this by the time the group had reached Oldska a number of whores, musicians, players and other dissolute types had attached themselves to the group. Lending a certain carnival air to the proceedings.

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